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Biomedical Computation Review is published by the Mobilize Center,  through the (BD2K) program.


Co-Executive Editors:  Scott Delp, PhD, Russ Altman, MD, PhD

Managing Editor:  Katharine Miller

Associate Editor:  Joy Ku, PhD

Science Writers:  Alexander Gelfand, Katharine Miller, Kristin Sainani, PhD, Sarah C.P. Williams

Community Contributors:  Vary by issue

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Editorial Advisory Board:  Ivet Bahar, PhD, Jeremy Berg, PhD, Gregory F. Cooper, MD, PhD, Mark W. Craven, PhD, Jiawei Han, PhD, Isaac Kohane, MD, PhD, Santosh Kumar, PhD, Merry Lindsey, PhD, Avi Ma'ayan, PhD, Mark Musen, MD, PhD, Saurabh Sinha, PhD, Jun Song, PhD, Andrew Su, PhD, Paul M Thompson, PhD, Arthur W. Toga, PhD, Karol Watson, MD


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Biomedical Computation Review

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NIH program and science officers for the Mobilize Center are:  Grace Peng, PhD (NIBIB), Theresa Cruz, PhD (NICHHD), and Daofen Chen, PhD (NINDS)


Supported by the National Institutes of Health through the (BD2K) Research Grant U54EB020405.

Original funding for the magazine was provided through the Simbios center, funded by NIH Grant U54 GM072970.”